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This page is designed to assist you in understanding the Greater Vancouver Regional Science Fair (GVRSF) rules and eligibility requirements, and to provide resources to help your students be successful with their science fair projects.

This page contains important information on registering and qualifying your students for our fair. Please read the information below before starting the online registration process.

We encourage all students to pursue science and learn more about the world around them through science discovery. Those students who wish to present their science projects will first partake in their school-run science fair. Teachers will then select students to represent their school at the GVRSF.

You can explore more about science fair projects (including the types of projects, poster display, project evaluation, awards, fair schedule, etc.) via the "Quick Resources" box on the left.


  1. Have a project or idea
  2. The project is the work of one or two students from start to completion.
  3. Be in grades 7 to 12, as indicated in BC Ministry Form 1701 at the start of the school year.
  4. Be registered in a public, private or independent school, or may receive home instruction (home schooling) in the following areas or school districts.
  5. The project complies with or will comply with all GVRSF rules governing ethical research and safety.
  6. Have qualified for advancement from your school or district fair. This means you…
    1. have had a teacher at your school approve your application to GVRSF,
    2. have advanced from a school or district science fair competition.

Note: If you go to a Vancouver Public School, you are required to participate in the Vancouver District Science Fair ( before competing in the GVRSF. Ask your Teacher, or email us!

Please refer to ‘Registration Rules and Regulations’ for special cases (also below).


We receive a high number of applications every year. However, due to space limitations, the maximum number of projects selected to attend the fair cannot exceed 230 projects. Registration will close once the limit has been reached. So apply early!

The maximum number of applications that may be submitted by a school is as follows:

  • Elementary Schools: 4 projects
  • Secondary Schools: 8 projects (any age group) + 5 additional senior projects
  • K–12 Schools: 8 projects (any age group) + 5 additional senior projects
  • Independent Schools: 8 projects (any age group) + 5 additional senior projects

NOTE: Students from Schools and Programs under the Vancouver School Board must submit all their projects through the Vancouver District Science Fair (VDSF) prior to entering the Greater Vancouver Regional Science Fair. Only projects advancing from the VDSF are considered to attend the GVRSF.

If you have already signed and submitted your forms and payment, you may expect an email after March 19, 2018 confirming your successful acceptance to participate at the Greater Vancouver Regional Science Fair.

Teachers should expect to receive an email information package by early April.



In order to participate in the GVRSF you must submit a complete online application

It is important to carefully follow the registration steps listed to ensure your project and personal information is captured in our system. Proper registration will ensure that you (1) have a specific area to set up your project, (2) are eligible for awards, and (3) are included in the judging process.

Students who do not complete their applications by the indicated dates will not be considered to attend the fair.

The registration fee is $55 per student.

A T-shirt can be ordered at the time of registration (cost $15). If you wish to order a T-shirt, payment must be made with the application and size required must be noted during the application process.


Follow the steps below carefully!
Failure to follow these instructions EXACTLY means that the application will not be considered.
SCHOOL BATCH APPLICATIONS, please follow instructions on this page.

  1. Go to and make a student account.
  2. Receive your password in your email inbox and log into your account at
  3. Enter in all of the required personal and project information. See page 8 for more information.
  4. Enter in a summary of your project. 200 to 500 words. These are used in the judging process.
  5. Choose your t-shirt and lab tour options.
  6. Go through the entire ethics questionnaire, and project safety questionnaire.
  7. If you are working with a partner, have them make an account too and add their account user name to your application.
  8. Self-nominate your project for special awards. Don’t be shy.
  9. 9.Read the rules and regulations carefully. See Registration Rules and Regulations below.
  10. Complete your Signature Form. You have 2 options: a) Electronic signatures via email, or b) Paper signatures.
    1. Under “Electronic Signatures for …”, select “Create Form” for every person you need to get a signature from. For each person, type in their Name and Email, and press Send. Make sure you check up on these people so they don’t forget to sign.
    2. Under “Download Information and Signature Form”, press the big button and print out the forms. Get all of the people required to sign the forms.

      NOTE: Signatures are only available once you’ve completed all other parts of your application. Look for numbers in square boxes on the left side of the application page for items that you have not yet completed.

  11. Once you’ve received all your electronic signatures, print the first page of the signature form (found by pressing the big button under “Download Information and Signature Form” to complete your application.
    Write a cheque (no cash) to the “Greater Vancouver Regional Science Fair” for the amount required. 
  12. NOTE: If your school is subsidizing part of your registration fee, follow your teacher’s instructions.
  13. Paperclip the cheque to the papers.
    NOTE: For partnered projects, please submit BOTH application forms and payments together.
  14. Put the papers and cheque in an envelope. Address it and deliver it to our mailing location:
    Greater Vancouver Regional Science Fair
    c/o HR MacMillan Space Centre
    1100 Chestnut St.
    Vancouver, BC
    V6J 3J9
    See for hours of operations.

If your project is accepted to participate in the Greater Vancouver Regional Science Fair, a complete confirmation package will be emailed to your school to the attention of your sponsor teacher. This package contains important information regarding the schedule of the Fair and safety regulations. If this package is not at the school by April 3, please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .




  • A completed application to the Greater Vancouver Regional Science Fair (GVRSF) does not imply acceptance to participate.
  • A teacher’s signature (or parent/educator if home schooled) is required to register a project.
  • By signing the consent form, the participant(s), parent/guardians and teacher agree that the project shall follow these rules and regulations.
  • Acceptance to the Greater Vancouver Regional Science Fair is dependent on a valid completed application, space limitations, and allocation limits. Acceptance is at the discretion of the GVRSF Committee.
  • Decisions of the GVRSF Committee, based on recommendations of the Chief Judge(s), are final and not subject to appeal.
  • Applicants NOT accepted to participate at the GVRSF will be informed by email in late March and payment may be returned.
  • Refund of payment may not be possible for withdrawal from participation after acceptance.
  • If one of the students in a pair project lives or attends a school belonging to a different Regional Science Fair, the students must decide which one Regional Science Fair to apply to.
  • If the students in a pair project are from different age categories, then they shall register the project in the age category of the older student.


  • The project shall only be the work of one or two students from start to completion. Projects and work done by more than two students at any point in the project’s development are not permitted.
  • A project worked on at any point by two students cannot register as a one student project.
  • A participant may not present more than one project each year, and may not display or reuse an identical project from a previous Regional Science Fair.
  • A project entered in a previous Regional Science Fair shall only be eligible for the current GVRSF if the continuing work involves a substantial expansion or extension of the previous investigation or design process. The project must only present work completed since the previous Regional Science Fair, though previous work may be referenced.
  • Students must follow the Safety Rules and Ethics Standards of the GVRSF. Refer to pages 15 to 19 of the booklet.
  • Ethics Pre-Approval is mandatory for all projects using animal and human participants.


  • Participating students are expected to attend all three days of the Science Fair. Partial or skipped attendance may result in the reduction or loss of eligibility for awards.
  • The judging criteria for two-person projects require the effective communication of BOTH students during the presentation.
  • Student participants are in representation of their respective schools and therefore expectations from their school may apply at the GVRSF.


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