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Welcome parents and guardians!

This page is designed to assist you in understanding the Greater Vancouver Regional Science Fair (GVRSF) rules and eligibility requirements, and to provide resources to help students be successful with their science fair projects.

Eligibility and Registration

The GVRSF is open to all students in grades 7 to 12 inclusive, who attend any public or independent school, or who are home-schooled, and live within 8 school districts – Vancouver, Richmond, North Vancouver, West Vancouver, New Westminster, Burnaby, Sunshine Coast (Sechelt etc.), and Howe Sound (Squamish, Whistler, etc.).

Registration begins January 25, 2018, and ends March 7, 2018

For full details on eligibility and registration, please take a look at our registration page.

Consent and Permission
Each student's Parent/Guardian must consent to the student's participation in the fair.

Expectations for Parents, Guardians, and Student Participants

Parents/Guardians are responsible for the Student's transportation to and from GVRSF, and the Parent/Guardian and the Student must take joint responsibility for pickup arrangements. Deviation from these arrangements should only be of an emergency nature that has been communicated with Teachers and/or GVRSF organizers.

GVRSF organizers will dismiss students from activities at the times stated in the Fair Schedule with the expectation that students will then follow their Parent/Guardian's instructions for safe pickup and transportation.

Regarding conduct during GVRSF, students are expected to attend all scheduled GVRSF events. It should be stressed to students that they are to stay with their designated group at all times until dismissed, and follow the instructions of the GVRSF activity organizers.

Academic Integrity and Ethics

Scientific fraud and misconduct are not condoned at any level of research or competition. Such practices include plagiarism, forgery, use or presentation of other researcher's work as one's own and fabrication of data. Fraudulent projects will fail to qualify for competition in GVRSF, CWSF or the ISEF.

Participation in GVRSF requires that the project adheres to the Youth Science Canada ethics policies. Ethics primarily deals with scientists who carry out research projects involving humans or animals where thought is not only put into the scientific content of their work, but also into the potential impact of their work on the organisms that they study: the health, privacy, and dignity of the subjects participating in their studies. Science fair projects are a great way to learn about many important concepts in experiment design that relate to project ethics. 

More Details on Ethics
For more details on our ethics policies and guidelines, please check out the ethics page.

Grand Award Requirements and Consent

The GVRSF Grand Awards include trip awards to travel to and compete in the Canada Wide Science Fair. Each winner's Parent/Guardian must consent to allow him/her to journey to these fairs with delegates/chaperones of the GVRSF organizing committee's choosing. Valid travel documents required for travel within Canada are required. More information will be provided for Grand Award Winners and their Parents/Guardians.

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